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The Aaron W. North Institute of Art
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Patrick Stump[h] [userpic]

I wonder if anyone's around to read this?
Well, you might be.
Obviously the comm's a bit dead, school and work have absolutely eaten me alive and I suspect the same happened to our members. RPs always drop off deep into the school year, and with no mods around things die. Right now feel free to continue your storylines or whatever, I know I'm open to RP whenever I'm on. But until summer (end of June) the comm is going to be "closed," and upon reopening we'll be starting with essentially a clean slate. You can reapply your characters and continue, else we'll be cleaning the characters list.

PS. Oh my god I just realized that soon I'm actually going to be at art school instead of just RPing it. How nuts is that?

Patrick Stump[h] [userpic]


Hey cool cats,
I think we have a little bit of a problem. Our comm is still teensy tiny and I think it's because I'm a horrible mod the roleplaying-over-AIM thing is fundamentally flawed. Don't deny it -- after a while everyone's only IMing certain people, there's zero group interaction.

My question is, would the lot of you rather RP forum-style, on LiveJournal? You could still have one-on-ones, and even use IM for specific SLs if you so desire. But I think that this way, we'd have more interaction and whatnot. And that's always a good thing. We can't have a school full of cliques and introverts (although, it IS an art school...)

So what are your thoughts? The other alternative is just merging with another RP, you know, moving our characters and SLs somewhere where the mods actually do shit.

keep it real,
pretty. odd

Patrick Stump[h] [userpic]


Oh dear God I am missing the real Patrick Stump on TV to post this. I just love you guys that much (also it may or may not be a commercial break.)

May and I fail at being mods, and never told you to add frankieieroness!!! Make it up to the poor kid by IMing him at ieromania.

Stay cool,
Kid A

Patrick Stump[h] [userpic]

You should ALSO add dudewiththefro
AIM: fearthetrohmania


AIM: jacobyshaddix89

much love,
rockin' in the free world

Patrick Stump[h] [userpic]

Shit! I completely forgot to tell the lot of you to add thesecondreason, AIM screen name d33dr4y.

Now remember, if we're gonna keep North alive (especially with this sorry excuse of a mod running it) we all have to either
a) Prod people into joining us or

I know I fail pretty hard at IMing you guys, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to get Patrick out of his dorm once in a while. The worst thing we can do is get our characters stuck in cliques -- c'mon now, be nice to the poor boys, they need more than two friends.

much love,
your personal jesus

Patrick Stump[h] [userpic]

Alright then!
North is in bit of a transitional period right now. A starting over of sorts.

For our active members, feel free to continue your story lines as normal... but we are [currently I AM] cleaning things up a bit, setting up better structure (so players get more involved with each other) and eventually, pimping like crazy.

First order of business is to take an axe to our characters list. We've been pretty generous with this but if your THREE WEEK update limit is up, at ALL, your character is gone. You may reapply if you like, however... just reply to this post and UPDATE!!

Users affected by this cut: bden_xoxo, madeforguitar, baby_bass, geewaydown, toxicologists.

As always: Go here and "execute."

Ouch! My community!
But don't fret. We'll have the place fixed up and ready for advertising soon.
If you know of anywhere we can advertise, let me know { IM pumpkin squares or conorgasm }.

Here's your first bit of somethin'-somethin'.

much love,

Patrick Stump[h] [userpic]

Please welcome
Hayley Williams
hayleysmiles / oh no hayley
&& Frank Iero
madeforguitar / kinkyguitarlove

Copy and paste the contents of the box below onto this page, and "execute."

be sure to pimp & stay active
-may (haxxin patrick's account. as always.)

Patrick Stump[h] [userpic]

We've got two more characters to add, geewaydown and burnt_bryar (may edit! as well as a returning character, gee_ay_bee_ee). Don't fret if you've missed the most recent characters, you can add everyone by Copy and pasting the box below onto this page, and hit "execute."

much love,
america's next top model

Ross [userpic]

YAY U GUISE NU MEMBERS! (and a lot of old ones being removed D:)

Please welcome wiL Francis
nightmarewil / vmpyrnghtmr
and Sonny Moore
silversonny / sonnyxgoxrawr

Ryan Ross' aim sn has been changed:
ryro sez
go add eet or i keel you

all the peeps in the last entry are to be removed
Lucky we have this leetle textbox that has all the commands to make it so much easier for you!

Copy & paste the stuff below here and you're good.

Hopefully you guys have been pimping, and if you haven't,
or i keel you.

oh you know,

Patrick Stump[h] [userpic]

Hey everyone,
We're cleaning up the community and I'm going to start pimping it -- and you should, too -- so basically, update your journal or you're out. The main reason someone does not join a RP is because the character that they want is taken... and our comm has a lot of "good" characters who aren't very active.

If you want to get more members (I know some people like small communities, but it's really fun to have big numbers) then you can put a link anywhere. Y'know, your myspace, your journal/profile, over AIM, or tell one of your useless friends to join us. Nah just kidding, I love your friends.

have fun,
icky thump

Edit by may! whooobigfont.
Instead of updating, just comment here and I will put your character back under the taken list, since I've already taken down like, half of you.
Here are the characters we removed:

If you're on that list, you have until Wednesday to comment. After that, you will have to reapply if you want your character back.

That's all!

ps. room mates hath been cleared up too, so go check and see if anything happened to your character. (something probably did!)

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